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Right ON! Anxiety and fear lead to anger!

Left On! Fear and anxiety join anger!

Our natural emotional response to a stimulation precedes the active rational process of information. If we remain emotionally intense the ability to engage is diminished. That is when anxiety driven by fear erupts in rage type anger.

When we are able to experience the emotion as a direction to breathe, assess, and think the process of active type anger motivates creative resolution.

Anxiety, fear, sadness, and gladness are valid, real, appropriate, and important emotional energy. Like the “idiot lights” on our car dashboard, they are only idiotic when we don’t pay attention to the signal.

Anxiety is the emotion that signals danger or opportunity. It invites an assessment or resources and action options. Ie, fight, flight, freeze, or flow!

Fear is the emotion that signals ignorance or wisdom. It invites us to identify what we know or don’t know, and seek what we need to know. Fear of the all knowing (God) is the beginning of Wisdom.

Anger is the emotion that signals a change of experience that requires a decision. Rage type anger decides what others must do to restore order. Active type anger sets the focus on what I choose to do: assert, defend, negotiate, change. Anger acts not for revenge but for balance and integrity.

In support of your Point of View I encourage us all to honor and affirm the valid emotions stimulated in us. When we can engage those feelings with informed thought the path to resolution will open.

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