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Land Ownership
Las Vegas and Water
The GOP vs. Social Mobility
Rick Scott's Plan to Divide & Conquer America
Rick Scott's Plan to Divide & Conquer America
Biodiversity–The Vastly Underappreciated Environmental Threat
In the wake of the confirmation hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson
The state of auto recycling has improved over the years, so that the junk yard pictured above is becoming something of a rarity–approximately 95 percent…
Homelessness in New Mexico was estimated to average 3,333 people per day in January, 2020. For Maine the estimate was 2,097: United States Interagency…
How plastics eventually enter the food chain: Alia Dharssi; “How Microplastics Get Into The Food System”: The Discourse; Vancouver, B.C., Canada; 4/2/18…